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Chengdu Agricultural College (CAC)


   Chengdu Agricultural College(CAC) is the first professional college which is sponsored by the People's Government in Chengdu City in 2002. Our college is the only Agriculture College that plays a major part in serving for agriculture and husbandry in South-west part of China.         


   CAC is located in the beautiful garden city - WenJiang district of Chengdu city. Its predecessor is Wenjiang Agricultural School founded in 1958. The campus covers more than 500,000 square meters. The inside and outside experiments and training bases cover over 300,000 square meters. Another more than 100 off-campus practice teaching centers take an important roll in teaching. There are totally over 530 staff members, including 7 professors, 97 associate professors (14 doctor’s degrees and 125 master’s degrees) in college. We also employ over 200 specialists from enterprises as our guest lecturers. There are 7 academic departments and 37 specialties in college, including Modern Agriculture Department, Landscape Gardening,Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Urban and Rural Construction Department, Economic Management Department, Electronic Information Department, and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department. Recent years, we generally enroll about 3,000 high school graduates each year, and the population of students reaches more than 10,000 now.

    For half a century, loving, serving and revitalizing agriculture is becoming the spirit of the college. Professional dedication, diligence, innovation is becoming the culture of the college.  More than 100,000 high-quality graduates have become the pioneer practitioners for rural construction.  In the following days, we will still focus on the student education and offering services for rural construction in Chengdu city, together with science research and promotion of agricultural technology. We are committing ourselves to educating high-quality graduates to meet with the need of society.

    In recent years,college constantly deepens the mode of promoting the education cooperation with enterprises. According to the characteristics of different majors, the students’ educating mode comes to be more specialized and more academic. At the same time, our college constantly strengthens the project of improving students’ skills and qualities, and treats it as our core mission.

    Accompanied with students’ education, our college is also devoting to the special Four Projects for local peasantry---- the project of new products promotion, the project of a new programme, the project of a new technique, the project of a new service. The college vigorously carry out technology promotion and services by the collaboration with local government and peasants, experts team and professional organizations. These models have played an important role in promoting the agricultural output and the income of local peasantry. In order to meet with the need of agricultural economy development, college regularly sends the professionals to all zones and districts to carry out the promotion, training and guiding of new technologies and species. According to the requirements of  the international project of South-south Cooperation , we trained lots of Chinese agriculture technicians for assisting Africa countries, and trained lots of African technicians on the Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum. Besides, we also assisted National Ministry of Agriculture to offer marsh gas utilization technique trainings for the Greater Mekong countries. Thereof, CAC is awarded as the Further Education Center for Professional Technician in Sichuan Province, Training Base of Modern Agricultural Technology of Sichuan Province, Training Base for the Transfer of Rural Labor Force in Chengdu City, Modern Agriculture Technology Training Base in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Immigration Training Base, National Agriculture Popular Science Education Base, and the Training Center of the National Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, etc. Local government and peasants speak highly of our college for those great efforts and achievements.

  Meanwhile, we also focus on strengthening international education. Our college has established friendly collaboration with CAH-Vilentum Dronten in Netherlands, Loughborough college and Merton college in the UK. Northwestern Polytechnic University in the U.S.A., Stockholm University in Sweden, F+U occupation training school in Germany.  We set up the collaboration for Students top-up programme, teacher training programme, course co-developing programme and Sino-Dutch training programme, etc. Meanwhile, our college has established sister relationship with many colleges and universities in Taiwan. Groups of excellent students have been sent to universities in Taiwan for studying for a period of time. Through the cooperation with many international colleges and universities, the teachers and students of our college gained the access to better teaching resources, learned more knowledge and skills, broadened their visions, which also enhanced the friendship between Chinese and foreign teachers and students.

  In the coming days, we will continue to set up and strengthen the collaboration with all the regions and countries around the world. On the other hand, we are also willing to provide education and technical training for international students and technicians in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, mechanical engineering, construction, economy management and IT, etc. We keenly welcome international students to visit and study in our college.